Rockwell End House Farm - Farming at Rockwell End since 1936
Welcome to The Rockwell End House Farm
The Emmett family has been at Rockwell End since 1936. As well as an acreage of wheat, the farm produces free range eggs, new/ salad and main crop potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, sweetcorn. All produce is available on-farm in the farm shop as well as at Farmers Markets in London and locally. For current farmers markets, we attend please go to the farm shop & farmers market page.
This website is constantly being updated so please come back regularly!

 Whats happening on the farm?

Today we have had The BBC Farming Today programme recording here. We discussed the Rural Payments Agency and the confusion around the Common Agricultural Policy Changes, Farmers Markets and the general farming we do here at Rockwell End. The programme will be aired Saturday at 6:30 am on BBC R4 or available as a podcast.
As always we have been busy here at Rockwell End, we applied the first application of Nitrogen fertiliser to the winter wheat in late February in order to encourage the crop to grow, once the weather picks up. The crop has struggled through the winter months- it wet into cold and wet soils and struggled through it was hammered by the elements and the slugs have had a go it- but has come out through ok. We finally finished lifting the potatoes, or at least the ones the slugs and frost have destroyed and have ploughed the ground for this years potatoes. But enough doom and gloom- we have bought a very smart looking chicken house to boost our flock numbers, this has been going up this week, (photos below) and we have hens booked in from our supplier, to fill it for the end of the month.

Part of the reasoning for buying this house is a new food market we will be attending at Brent Cross Shopping Mall, on 26th April, why not come along and see us? Find out more at
We are also planning to plant our new potatoes next week, weather permitting - I will keep you informed!

I quite like this time of year, the weather is obviously generally cold or wet, or both, but i like the fact that i can catch up on a few jobs that don't get done at any other time of the year. This generally includes building and machinery maintenance. So i have been remaking a set of doors to one of our old traditional barns, replacing gutter downpipes, some brick work, and replacing a window frame, which even the woodworm had given up with! Apart from that, all the poly tunnels and glasshouse have been stripped of any tomato foliage and pressure washed and disinfected. We have to be careful to clean any equipment, we use for growing tomatoes, especially as (unlike commercial growers) we grow the fruit in the soil, which means a higher disease risk to the plants. As we had such a wet Autumn/ winter we still have some potatoes in the ground, which we hope to finish harvesting when it dries out a bit, although the frost has claimed a good percentage of them- we will keep you posted!

Well once again, its been a while since my last blog- apologies! Well although we are still in a drought area, since it has started raining about a month ago, we have had about 110mm of rain- more than some but less than others. This rain, once again came just in time, our wheat crops, although having had enough fertiliser had not taken up enough for efficient growth as the soil was too dry to absorb the much needed fertiliser. We managed to get our main crop potatoes planted just before it started raining - so they were nicely washed in! Sweetcorn still needs to go in which should take place this week. The tomato plants, are all in the soil and are doing well, although as its so cold they are not growing as fast as we would like. The story is the same for the asparagus, in that it due to the cold we have only picked very a minimal amount.

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